After getting rid of my own server ( I have decided to host a new website using a hosting company instead. This one is called Reason 6.5 Tutorials I have been putting a lot of effort to get this one running, and after doing so for one year, it is starting to get some visits :)

There for I felt the need to look around on the net what other accounts I have so I would update them...

Yah, pretty much a yawn post.. I know, I am not good at writing news topics ;)

Unreal 2009 series - Music Album work in progress

2008-09-02 16:36:57 by Hydlide

One special note:
This music album is 'fictional'... and relationship with existing songs inside the unreal universe are simply 'coincidental'. I haven't written any 'real' tracks for unreal and I haven't been approached by Epic Gaming what so ever to make an album of this magnitude. This is just 'a fun' project... as I have had more fun projects in the past. /end note

As some of you might be wondering what this whole 'hubub' is all about with me posting all kinds of music pieces with the name "Unreal 2009"... well... I think by now I can actually post something about it, and say something meaningfull to clear things up a bit...

In the late 2006... somewhere around that time period, I have been playing Unreal 1 and unreal Tournament the game of the Year edition (1999) a lot in those days. I even finished the first complete game with my voodoo 3 card, but when I had a more descent system, playing unreal 1 was even more fun back in the days.

Because I have a thing with making music, and I also listen to music pretty clear (I have my own 'filter inside my ear so to speak, so I can find certain voices or effects really fast) I just loved the music of unreal. I also have a thing with the music of wipeout 1 (from the playstation 1).

Because the music inside the original series of Unreal and Unreal tournament have somewhat determined the outcome of a certain style or genre... I thought in the year 2006 like "Ok, lets make unreal tournament music".

There was even a mod that one could download and add mp3 files to the system... I have used that too to test most of the musics to get the better look and feel about creating music for that specific game.

While I have recently resumed playing unreal tournament once more (what started last friday), I felt the need to do a follow up on the music album that I have started in 2006... Another Unreal music album, but also a bit more experimental sort of.

Since the sounds of unreal have pretty much been set (yes, I have had all the original sound samples from unreal since they are Impulse tracker format songs, and I have that music program too ;)) I kind of know what they sound like. I know what they play like... But knowing it all, does not really cut it for me at the moment. I have build up an influence of my own in the last 3 years. And thats where this whole music album comes in place.

I am trying to get certain elements from the original Unreal series in the new series that I am building right now, but nevertheless also advance on the experience I have build up since the time I have started off with the first music album of unreal 2006.

Anyways, I have had made almost 14 music albums by now, this is going to be nr 15. And at the rate this is going, I think it will be done hopefully in the next month... I am not so sure about that. Quality comes over quantity over here. It might be that I will create a +20 music pieces and even scrap 6 pieces from the list. This won't be an exception. Last music album I created a +50 music pieces and tossed half of them out the window when doing the first 'pass' on what I wanted inside this music album.. thats probably also why the last production took me 8 months to create... but in this case, I have a more confirtable feeling with this one...

So, I am confinced about that this will work out pretty fine... Or not... we'll see...

Type to you later!

Drum and Bass tutorial posted

2008-08-09 11:35:26 by Hydlide

After working on this for the last week, I have finally created a complete text about how to create drum and bass. While I am not the drum and bass expert, this is just the way I kind of experience my drum and bass productions.

Any feedback, comments or remarks would be welcome.

This tutorial focusses mostly on Propellerhead Reason 4. However, I feel like it works with any 'vst instrument based' piece of music software, thats also why I placed mp3 files next to each RNS file entry.

Drum and Bass tutorial

Anyways, I had fun creating this tutorial... maybe you can learn from it or maybe you think I am an utter newb (which I am kind of used too).