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Drum and Bass tutorial posted

2008-08-09 11:35:26 by Hydlide

After working on this for the last week, I have finally created a complete text about how to create drum and bass. While I am not the drum and bass expert, this is just the way I kind of experience my drum and bass productions.

Any feedback, comments or remarks would be welcome.

This tutorial focusses mostly on Propellerhead Reason 4. However, I feel like it works with any 'vst instrument based' piece of music software, thats also why I placed mp3 files next to each RNS file entry.

Drum and Bass tutorial

Anyways, I had fun creating this tutorial... maybe you can learn from it or maybe you think I am an utter newb (which I am kind of used too).


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2008-08-13 18:44:02

Well I just read, well, skimmed through at least, that tutorial of yours (which I actually found on the Reason community forum)- and to be honest I find the finished song pretty much mediocre.

You appear to have tons of much better songs on your site, so... why not post some of them here :D

(Updated ) Hydlide responds:

while the song itself might be mediocre, how ever you would put it, this is also one the best ways I could introduce people into creating drum and bass. Most tutorials that I have found on the net dont even go in depth as I have put it. But then again, you comming from the 'reason community' would have a descent respond like this on this matter. That is also why I don't like the reason community that much.

Case and point is this: I am teaching people to start with something. The grown ups don't like what I am doing thus I am being flamed at. Torsed out the window (your Reason community has just done that... I thank them for that so I can focus my energy elsewhere).

I have much better songs, I know.. but then again, I also happen to have an agenda of my own. Teaching the flocks of propellerhead reason what they had to bash, and lost!